We are proud to have the historic Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Phoenix host Free to Laugh: Laugh to Free™ again in 2019.  It's rich history, gorgeous architecture, and ideal location will help make this the best F2L™ yet.




In 2017, Free to Laugh: Laugh to Free™ was a brand new show featuring the stand-up comedy of Carlos Oscar and the amazingly talented Broadway Illusionist, Adam Trent!



Carlos Oscar

Carlos Oscar is a funny and wildly entertaining comedian that all ages will enjoy. Known for his charming, witty and energetic stage persona, Carlos fully acts out his jokes by telling stories everyone can identify with, and metamorphosing into various characters and voices. He jokes most often about the humorous side of family, pop-culture and everyday mishaps. His comedy is always crossover so it has given him a platform to entertain all audiences. Carlos states, "When people hear I'm clean, they may think 'how is he a comic?' The reality is I am much more creative and funnier with material I don't and won't fall back on with four-letter words or lewd innuendos to entertain an audience." It is Carlos' brand of comedy that has paved the way to appearances on TV such as "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," HBO and performances on Comedy Central.

Adam Trent copy2.jpg

Adam Trent

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t performing. I began with birthday party shows at age 9 for kids that were older than I was (slightly awkward), and corporate events when I was 13 (slightly illegal). At 14 I started street performing which was the most amazing/brutal training a performer could ever have. It taught me to build a crowd and be entertaining in the worst of situations. I discovered an audience’s true attention span, because they just walked away if things got boring. At 18, I went to college in Los Angeles and got a degree in Finance and Entertainment Marketing. Apart from learning that a tiger would be tax-deductible, I got a crash course in LA’s music and comedy scene. I realized that the most important element in a show is the performer’s connection to the audience, and without that even amazing skill can fall as flat as a bad boy band.