Mankind was my business.
— Jacob Marley

Free to Laugh: Laugh to Free began in Phoenix with the simple idea that clean comedy could bring people together to provide financial support for the local effort against commercial sexual exploitation.

The two parts of the name adequately describe our purpose:


Free to Laugh

We decided to give ourselves freedom to spend an evening laughing together in celebration of significant events and remarkable people associated with the fight to end commercial sexual exploitation.

Laugh to Free

Our laughter provides freedom to victims of this unspeakable evil through a significant donation to organizations that specialize in awareness, intervention and aftercare.




F2L has donated nearly $475,000 to anti-trafficking efforts in Phoenix and beyond through ticket sales to our shows.


Resourcing the Effort Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation

All ticket proceeds (approximately 80% of face value) fund intervention and aftercare efforts in our community.


F2L is able to give all the proceeds from ticket sales to our cause because of generous donors who underwrite our event expenses. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, click here.